Elections were held during the monthly business meeting held on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 for the following Shire positions:

Seneschal – William of Hawkmore
A&S Minister – Asa of the Woods, aka Shara
Provost – Isabella de Sunderbach
Chronicler – Oriana Winderborne
Chatelaine – Richart de Sunderbach
Webminister – Celeste de Saint-Maur-sur-Loire
Gold Key – Catherine d’Evreux
Quartermaster – William of Hawkmore
Chat Monitor – Lorin Ranson
Historian – Oriana Winterborne

Herald and Exchequer elections were held last month and THLady Catherine d’Evreux was elected Exchequer, and Baroness Sibella Denton was elected Herald.

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