These are the people who volunteer their time to help make the Shire run smoothly as part of the SCA, as well as organize activities and learning experiences for members of the Shire. Officers of importance to newcomers are marked with an *, please contact them with any questions you may have about the SCA and Talmere.

Want to know what some of these titles mean? Place your cursor over each word and a description will appear.

seneschalSeneschal *Lord William of Hawkmore
Deputy SeneschalNiall a Seoladair"
knightmarKnight Marshal * 
rapiermarRapier Marshal *
archerymarshalLive Weapons/Archery Marshal *Lord William of Hawkmore
reeveExchequer/ReeveBaroness Catherine d'Evreaux
ansMinister of Arts & Sciences *Lady Asa of the Woods (Called Shara)
provostProvost / RUM RegentLady Isabella de Sunderbach
heraldHeraldBaroness Sibella Denton
chroniclerChroniclerLady Orianna Winterborne
hospitalerChatelaine/Hospitaler *Lady Rhonwen Verch Ieuan
hospitalerDeputy Chatelaine/Hospitaler
hospitalerGold KeyBaroness Catherine Marie Elizabeth d'Evreux
hospitalerQuartermasterLord William of Hawkmore
minofchildrenMinister of Children
historianHistorianLady Orianna Winterborne
Mistress of the ListsBaroness Sibella Denton
webminWebmistressLady Céleste de Saint-Maur-sur-Loire
Chat MonitorLord Lorin Ranson