Heavy and Light Weapons Rose Tourney
This is our traditional tournament meant to show the fighters’ prowess and to honor the ladies of the SCA. Each combatant begins with 2 roses, and it is an open challenge tourney. After each bout, the winner directs his opponent to deliver one of the opponent’s roses to the person of the winner’s choice. The 2 combatant’s and the winner’s names are recorded by the list mistresses to determine the winner. After a combatant has lost his roses, he may purchase more roses for $1 each to continue to fight. Combatants keep fighting as long as they win, they buy more roses, until we run out of roses or until the end of the tournament is called.

Meridian Heavy War Practice
Sir Geoffrey MacDhomhuill will lead a Meridian heavy war practice. Work on shield walls, spear work, commands, maneuvers and tactics in preparation for Border Raids.

Rapier Tourneys

Potluck Melee

Bring your favorite weapon to the table. Make polite conversation to form alliances or ruffle the feathers of your enemies until lay on is called. Then run and grab your blade and dish out your portions until all of your opponents are served!

Tavern Drinking Games

Everyone bring or borrow a non-glass mug or goblet. Your drinking vessel will be filled with water. You must carry it while you fight while avoiding spills. This is a fight to the death or to the last drop, whichever comes first.

Defend the Faire

We will separate into two teams, the attackers and the defenders. If you fall off the bridge into the mote, you have to swim back to shore and may return after touching the res point. If you receive a non-fatal blow, you may choose to go for medical care at the res point and return healed, or you can remain in place and fight handicapped. However, there is no return from the dead. We don’t do zombies.

Talmere Rose Tournament

Every fighter starts with a set number of roses. For each loss, you will report to the list master and deliver one of your roses to the person of your victor’s choosing. You may purchase extra roses for $1 each to fight extra bouts and to benefit the fundraiser.