Lusty Month of May
The Shire of Talmere traditionally hosts one annual event, Lusty Month of May, which occurs Mother’s Day weekend every year. This is a weekend event typically starting Friday evening and ending Sunday morning. The event typically includes a Friday night Traveller’s Faire and Saturday evening Feast and Revel. Throughout the weekend, the event hosts Arts & Sciences classes, heavy and light weapons fighting, tournaments and children’s activities.

Lusty Month of May XIV – May 8-10, 2015

Previous LMOM events:
Lusty Month of May X – May 14 – 16 , 2010
Lusty Month of May XIII – May 9-11, 2014

Talmere Tourney
The Shire of Talmere also holds an annual get-together for Shire members and to introduce the Shire to newcomers: Talmere Tourney.

The Shire of Talmere holds an annual collegium, which consists of classes, taught by SCA members for SCA members and newcomers that wish to learn more about SCA Arts & Sciences. Some classes will be RUM accredited and others will be simply informative. This event is held in January of each year.